This Weekend

This coming up weekend i get to babysit this guys dog named Dally. Its funny because i have a dog at my dad’s house also named Dally. I get to babysit her because he is leaving for a trip. I’m excited because she follows you around the house, and she is the nicest dog i have ever met. I can’t wait!!



I am very disappointed in many girls because I found out today that all the girls that signed up to play fast pitch softball backed out to play slow pitch. I’m mad because I really love to play softball but now that everyone quit fast pitch I don’t have a team to play for. I would like to get on a team because I like to play the sport! I guess if they ever ask something of me I can’t do it because I don’t want to.


I am so hAppy we are back from state FCCLA! It was a long three days. I’m not a big fan of it but it was pretty good to go to. Now that I’m back in school I have a lot of work to do!


Yesterday the golf team went to Desmet and I got second place. It is pretty cool that I did get second. I am getting better as the year goes on and I hope that it gets better so I can make it to state again!


I really hate this testing thing on the computer. I hate taking tests and to make it worse it’s now being taken on our computers. It is such a pain. I wish we didn’t have to do them!

Deecorating for Prom

Tomorrow the Junior Class gets to be at the gym all day and decorate for prom. We don’t have to go to any classes but we have to get everything set up for prom by the end of the day. Prom is coming up fast and I am not very excited for it. I am going to go and just get it done with!

State B Boys

This weekend in Aberdeen State B Boys Basketball was going on. I went with my sister and my mom. I was really disappointed when White River got 7th and JVC won it all. There was one White River game that went into five overtimes. It was really exciting but the sad part is that White River ended up losing it. I also think that the championship game wasn’t even a game. JVC killed Platte-Geddes and I wish it was a better and closer game.