All this math stuff on the computer is really making me mad. It is so hard for me to try and figure out a math problem out by myself. I don’t understand over half of the stuff I am doing. Plus what is the point of having a teacher there? They aren’t teaching us anything unless we get up out of our chair and ask them a question. And when you ask them a question they go through it, you get your answer an you got back to the table. Then you move on to the next question and have no idea what you are doing! I can’t wait to get this all over with because it’s just pathetic!


Going to state

Yesterday I got 5 the at regions and I get to go to state golf Monday and a Tuesday!!! Also on hole 18 the two girls that were in my group found two baby snapping turtles and I also made a 60 to 70 foot put on hole 18!


This Sunday my sister got confirmed. It really wasn’t that bad because after church we got snacks, and got to watch Sierra open all her pretty cool gifts. After that I got to go the cafĂ© and eat dinner with my grandma and grandpa Brodkorb, my grandma Carrie, my mom and dad, and also my sister. I had a pretty good time with my family. After all of that we went to my mom’s house and watched movies all day. It was a pretty good day if I say so myself.


I have had my I-Phone 4 for about a year and a half and I have not cracked it. But one bad thing that I can’t stand is that the back of the phone is all scratched from not having a case on it. Since that is where my back camera is every time I take a picture I looks blurry or cloudy. I need to find a way to fix it soon! If not I might just have to get a new one or replace the entire back.

NFR Jacket

Today I wore my grandpa Stan’s NFR jacket that he got when he went to watch it. To bad he never made it there cause he was and still is a good roper even though he can barley walk haha! I am proud to wear this jacket because my grandpa is a big part of my life and I don’t know what I would
do without him.

End of the School Year

I have 7 days left of school if I make it to state. I am very excited for this school year to be over. Especially because the end is always when everything is due and you barley have any time to do anything. These last days need to just go by faster.

Pre Regions

Today we go to Pre Regions for golf and I am very excited. I hope I do good. I really want next Monday to come faster because that is when Regions is and I want to see if I can make it to state! If our whole team does good we could go as a team but we all have to do good that day. This week can’t go by any faster!