Deecorating for Prom

Tomorrow the Junior Class gets to be at the gym all day and decorate for prom. We don’t have to go to any classes but we have to get everything set up for prom by the end of the day. Prom is coming up fast and I am not very excited for it. I am going to go and just get it done with!


State B Boys

This weekend in Aberdeen State B Boys Basketball was going on. I went with my sister and my mom. I was really disappointed when White River got 7th and JVC won it all. There was one White River game that went into five overtimes. It was really exciting but the sad part is that White River ended up losing it. I also think that the championship game wasn’t even a game. JVC killed Platte-Geddes and I wish it was a better and closer game.

FFA kids

I have a really good idea for our school to do. I think that when all the FFA kids are gone everyone else not in FFA should not have to go to school because there is only like 20 kids not in FFA and nothing ever gets done anyways. So they might as well just not have school. Sounds like a good plan to me!

New test

I honestly do not like the way the test is set up at all! I would rather use a pencil and not the computer because I don’t get as lost with paper and pencil. While taking this test I was typing and I went to move the story down and it deleted everything I typed so I had to retype it. If I was using a pencil that would not have happend. I would rather have paper then a computer.


This weekend my dad, sister and I went to the hills to go skiing. I had a awesome time even though it was really cold out Saturday. My favorite part about the day was after we got done skiing we went to Deadwood and ate at the Four Aces. There they have a prime rib and crab leg buffet! I love eating there it’s my favorite place and I can’t wait until next year!


This weekend I get to go skiing at Terry Peak by Deadwood. My dad, my sister and I are trying to make it a yearly thing. Every year I have had a lot of fun even though I’m not very good at it.

Research paper!

I think the research paper is going to be hard to write. Picking out a book for me is not easy cuz the last time I read all the way through a book was in grade school, well the ones that I remember reading. I have never written a long paper like we are going to be doing. I think doing this research paper is going to suck and I don’t want to do it!