Current Event

The article that I picked was about a 16-year-old football player that has died following a helmet-to-helmet collision that occurred in a varsity football game on Friday. Everybody that interviewed said that was a very disheartening thing to hear about. They felt bad about Damon’s death and also felt bad for the family that has to go through something like that. It is very hard for a family to go through something like that knowing they couldn’t do anything about it.


Over the fair me and a couple friends were hanging out by the campers. One of the guys that was there picked me up on his shoulders and started spinning. Finally after him spinning us he set me down and we both fell at the same time and somehow his knee hit my nose really hard. Right when it happened I didn’t move and when one of my other friends helped my up there my nose was bleeding really bad. My nose turned black and blue and got really big. We got ice on it as soon as we could because it was so big. We think it might be broken so today I am going to go get it checked out.

Opening 3 questions

I know that everybody has different ideas and different ways of doing things but if you want to change something say like in the state you are going to have more than one idea or way to change the thing you want to change. You have to have a good reason for the way you want to change something so you can try to persuade others to do the same. Not everyone is going to agree with you so if you can come with a good outcome or for everyone to follow your opinion then that is great but if you don’t and there are maybe three or four people that don’t agree then